Water Damage Restoration

If you have ever contended with flooding, broken pipes, a leaking roof, or an overflowing toilet, you know how destructive and expensive water damage can be to your property. However, you can help minimize restoration costs and prevent long-term devastation by seeking the services of a skilled water damage restoration and repair provider.


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Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can be caused by a number of factors. In most cases, water damage is the result of exposure to severe weather conditions, structural damage to roofs or pipes, or overflowing sinks or toilets. The extent damage is often exacerbated by Florida’s high levels of humidity, as the Florida Climate Center notes that Florida is the most humid state in the United States. Some of the specific causes of water damage include the following:

Roof Leaks

Florida homes and businesses are at greater risk for roof leaks due to exposure to hurricanes, strong winds, and thunderstorms. These harsh weather conditions and others can damage shingles and underlying insulation, allowing water to penetrate a building’s interior. Roof leaks can cause damage to the drywall, insulation, and floors within a home or office.

Broken Pipes

Pipes are designed to handle a specific amount of pressure. Overly strong water flow or a clogged toilet can result in pressure that is too strong for your pipes to accommodate. As water continues to build up, they will gradually expand until they burst due to excessive water buildup. You can help avoid this pitfall by having your pipes inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Flood Damage

In addition to their higher risk for roof leaks, Floridians are more apt to experience flood damage than residents of any other state. Flood damage can wreak havoc on a home or business because of the sheer amount of water that can invade your home or office. Water damage repair and restoration is especially important in these cases because mold spores can begin to form on surfaces within 24-48 hours. Additionally, flood damage can cause the walls of your office or home to swell and become misshapen.

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups occur when your sewer or drainage system malfunctions and pushes water or sewage back up into your home. Sewage damage cleanup is particularly unpalatable because the water that infiltrates your home or office is unsanitary. The Civil Engineering Research Foundation found that sewer backups are increasing by approximately 3 percent each year, highlighting the need to be prepared to handle this type of unpleasant water damage.

Leaking Dishwashers

A leaking dishwasher can cause damage to your kitchen floors and any wood trim surrounding your appliances. Dishwasher leaks can also damage the electrical wiring that feeds power to your kitchen appliances. Leaks in dishwashers typically occur due to one or more of the following three reasons:

  • The dishwasher is old and worn
  • It has not received proper maintenance
  • A faulty connection between your dishwasher and your home’s water supply

Toilet Overflows

Toilet overflows typically occur because there is a blockage in the toilet’s waste line or an obstruction in the vent piping. An overflow can also occur when there is a malfunction in the toilet’s tank float mechanism that controls water flow. Regardless of the cause of the overflow, you may require water damage restoration once your toilet’s defect is rectified.

Burst Water Heaters

Water damage caused by a burst water heater can be difficult to diagnose and treat because the water damage may not always be highly visible. Because the damage may go undetected for an extended time period, mold and property damage are more likely to occur. A trained water damage specialist will know how to diagnose your water damage and will have the tools to repair or restore your property in locations that are difficult to reach.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are one of the most common causes of water damage. Leaks can be unpredictable and difficult to pinpoint because they are sometimes the result of hidden factors such as shifts in your home’s foundation, corrosion, and damage sustained by adjacent tree roots. In addition to having your water damage treated by a trained professional, make sure you have your pipes inspected and repaired by a certified plumber.

ACL Will Repair Your Water Damaged Property

The professional cleaning experts at ACL Cleaning Systems have restored and repaired residential and commercial property that has sustained water damage throughout the South Florida area, showcasing our versatility in the professional cleaning industry. The ACL team strives to deliver top-notch service, as evidenced by the following:

  • Prompt: There is no substitute for a fast response when treating water damage. ACL is available 24/7 and our technicians arrive promptly.
  • Highly skilled: Treatment requires professionals who are skilled in treating floors, walls, and furniture that have sustained water damage.
  • Prepared: ACL has the special tools required to treat water damage. We use large fans, pumps, and wet vacuums to restore your property.
  • Insured: Water damage care may involve exposure to mold and faulty electrical wires. ACL is fully insured and licensed for your protection.
  • Trustworthy: ACL’s technicians are carefully screened to ensure that your valuables are treated with the utmost care and consideration.

In addition to the unparalleled level of professionalism we offer, our water restoration and damage specialists receive comprehensive training in water removal and damage restoration. As a testament to our commitment to high-quality property restoration, ACL’s technicians are certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). We invite you to contact us to learn how we can safely restore and repair your water damaged property. We look forward to hearing from you!