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Water Leaking From Broken Pipe

Broken Pipes

Water damage from broken pipes can quite literally leave your family feeling like you're drowning. Sometimes, it's a broken pipe in your own home. Other times, it's damage from the upstairs neighbors. Whatever caused your water damage, however, one thing is certain: you need help! At ACL Cleaning Systems, we can help take care of the cleanup after water damage from a broken pipe causes problems throughout your home.


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Burst Pipes: How Do They Happen?

The pipes in your home are designed to withstand a certain degree of pressure. Unfortunately, several things can lead to too much pressure built up in the pipes, which can in turn cause substantial damage throughout your home. Consider these hazards:

Clogged Toilets

If your toilet clogs, that clog can build up pressure in the pipes as you attempt to clear it. Sometimes, the clog passes further into the pipes, where it continues to build pressure. Other times, you may inadvertently push too much pressure through your pipes as you attempt to clear the clog.

Debris in the Pipes

Did you pour something down the sink that you shouldn't have or, perhaps, allow a clog to build up over time--for example, too much grease poured down the kitchen sink? Unfortunately, as pressure builds up behind these clogs, it puts additional stress on your pipes, often leading to burst pipes over time.


Over time, the materials used to create and seal pipes can degrade, leaving them at a higher risk for bursting. Through regular maintenance you can reduce the odds of burst pipes, which can help save you expensive cleanup.

Your Immediate Response

Burst pipes can cause a wide range of water damage throughout your home. As soon as you realize that a pipe has burst, turn the water off! This will reduce your immediate water bill and help prevent further damage to your home. Next, take pictures of the immediate damage, and continue taking pictures any time you make changes to the damaged area or have anything fixed. This can help with your insurance claim in the future. You should also:

  • Carefully examine your water-damaged possessions. You may be able to make copies of important paperwork before the ink runs or they are illegible.
  • Throw away any items that are unimportant or damaged beyond repair. This will save you a lot of trouble later as well as minimizing the cleanup!
  • Use a wet/dry vac to suck up as much of the water from the area as you can. A prompt response can help save your floors, your furniture, and your possessions.
  • Place any important water-damaged possessions in a freezer bag, then put them in the freezer until you can consult with us. Sometimes, we can help provide valuable advice that will help you salvage those items without too much further damage. The freezer will prevent mold from growing as well as slowing the progression of damage.
  • Contact a water damage specialist as soon as possible. The sooner you get a reliable technician on the scene, the sooner you can start working to protect your possessions.

Common Water Damage Issues

If you've suffered damage from a burst pipe, you may already find yourself standing in water, looking around at the damage and wondering what to do next. You may face:

  • Pipe repairs or replacements, which may include other pipes throughout your home as well as the ones that actually burst
  • Replacing drywall and insulation in the wall where the pipe burst
  • Fixing or replacing flooring, pulling up carpets, and replacing other damage to the floors
  • Drying out anything that got wet as a result of the burst pipe
  • Repairing or replacing personal papers and other items damaged by the water

If you suffer a burst pipe, you need help repairing the damage as soon as possible. If you leave the water or damaged items in place, you may quickly start to develop a mold problem that is even more expensive to fix and cause health problems for your family. The sooner you fix the water damage throughout your home, the sooner you can protect your family--and the less expensive repairs are likely to be. Water also causes more damage over time, so a fast fix is critical.

We'll Work with Your Insurance Company

Whether you own a condo or a single-family dwelling, you likely carry homeowner's insurance to help protect you and your family. Will homeowner's insurance cover water damage? The answer will depend on the condition of the burst pipe, the terms of your insurance policy, and the coverage you carry. Some companies may require you to carry specific riders to cover water damage. Others may offer coverage for water damage related to burst pipes. Your best strategy? Contact your insurance adjuster and file a claim. We will work with you to ensure that your repairs are within your budget or the insurance company's coverage if possible.

Did you suffer damage from someone else's burst pipes, as in a townhouse or condo? Go ahead and contact your insurance company anyway. They'll be able to let you know what they cover, what the other insurance company's policy will cover, and how they'll negotiate with you to help get things fixed up as soon as possible. If your insurance company doesn't offer coverage, you need to know that, too, so you can make the best decisions moving forward.

Get Help Now

Did you suffer water damage from a burst pipe? The sooner you act, the more you can save--and the less damage your possessions will suffer. Contact us today for an affordable, reliable water damage restoration company with experience handling everything from burst pipes to flood damage. We're here to help you restore your home after burst pipe damage.