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Home Cleaned After Construction

Post Construction Cleaning

There are few things more exciting than walking into your home and seeing it transformed from yesterday's tired statement to a revitalized showplace. Whether you've had new windows and doors installed, gone for a kitchen facelift, focused on a bathroom update, or just completed construction of your new home, a post-construction cleaning job completes the process.


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Each Project is Unique

Realizing that each remodeling project is unique, we provide you with a custom post-construction cleaning service to match your specific requirements. Our cleaning tasks include dusting, sweeping, wiping down surfaces, and mopping. We perform each task with the utmost care while also meeting your deadline and staying within your budget.

New Windows

Like many south Floridians, perhaps you've made the decision to have impact windows installed for extra storm protection. Our team of professionals is well trained in which products should be used on each window surface.

We also provide a thorough cleaning of your home in order to remove any dust and residue that resulted from the window installation. You've upgraded the look of your home; let us clean the mess left behind.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel seems incomplete without a thorough post-construction cleaning. Consider all of the handprints it took to install each cabinet, the hardware, countertops, and appliances. Think about the daily foot traffic it required to get the job done and the dust it created throughout your home.

Our post-construction cleaning service provides the finishing touch to your kitchen remodeling project. We want you to walk into a clean dream kitchen.

Bathroom Update

A bathroom update can become an extensive project. It may involve tearing out and reinstalling wall and floor tiles, resurfacing or replacing the tub, adding a new vanity, and painting. Each aspect of a bathroom's remodel provides a refreshing final product.

However, the remodeling also creates a steady stream of dust and debris; you will be surprised how much construction dust you will find throughout your home even after the smallest bathroom renovations.

New Construction and Room Additions

The experienced staff at ACL works with builders to provide the level of service you require in order to present a finely finished product. Cleaning a construction site may involve several phases of cleaning, or you may opt to wait until the entire project is complete before requesting our services. If you would like us to come in and clean after each phase of construction is complete, our services would include the following:

Rough Clean

This type of cleaning is typically completed after the plumbing, electrical, and framing is finished. You may opt for our services before the drywall is installed or after. ACL removes any large items of debris and window stickers. We also provide a broom-swept surface, so that it's prepared for subcontractors to paint and install lighting, flooring, or cabinetry.

Prep Clean

This is a detailed cleaning of the house in which the kitchen, bathrooms, cabinets, countertops, and windows are included. Any excess grout or caulking is removed, and we clean up nails and other debris that might have been dropped. Additionally, we wipe down walls, doors, appliances, mirrors, and baseboards. This phase of cleaning is completed with mopping and vacuuming the floors.

Final Clean

Once each subcontractor has completed work, ACL will perform a final cleaning. We thoroughly go through the space to make sure it's free of any dust and debris. That may include cleaning the bathroom, wiping down any surfaces, and cleaning the floors. The final phase presents the home in move-in ready condition.

Our Team Brings the Clean

ACL Cleaning Systems is available to assist you with developing a customized post-construction cleaning plan that fits both your needs and budget. We are a top cleaning service in the South Florida area because of our attention to detail and superior customer service.

We want to make the remodel or construction job you're involved with a little easier. When that last coat of paint has dried and the final tightening of the screws have secured light fixtures and switch plates, we go to work to put the final shine on your project. Our experts are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We know every place dust hides out, and we spot each fingerprint.

All of our employees have been professionally trained and are certified cleaning specialists. We offer a trustworthy crew that arrives on site with punctuality and a readiness to efficiently and effectively complete the task. You may contact us by filling out our online request form, sending an e-mail to, or calling us at 954-933-3174. A representative is available 24/7 to begin the process.